This is How it Feels to Be Open?

At the end of the release, we moved on the heart of the session. Steven Jay and I worked on saying “no” to various sensual requests. Ironically, it was hard to say no for different reasons (I actually wanted him to touch my thigh or caress my cheek), but the practice was good for me. I have historically had a very difficult time in saying no to unwanted advances. Speaking my truth has been a challenge.

This exercise was empowering. When he got to my throat, we focused on clearing the many years of silence. We vocalized the fear of saying “no” when you don’t know what the consequences will be. We replaced it with a clear connection to spirit and a new ability to voice personal truth. As Steven massaged my throat, I felt energy running in my second chakra.

Next, we decided to work on awakening my breasts, since I felt a lot of anxiety in them. My step grandfather molested me when I was 11 years old, and I could still feel his hands on my budding breasts. Steven agreed that this was a good place to start. Synchronized breath was an integral part of the entire session. As he slowly and carefully massaged my chest, I felt my heart begin to open. Steven asked permission every step of the way, and I have never felt so loved and supported. As he cupped my left breast, I was overcome with a feeling of gratitude.

It was as if my breast was yelling “thank you, thank you, thank you.” My right breast had a different story. As he outlined the circumference of my right breast, I felt rage and fear. “How can I support you?” Steven asked me, as I replied “please hold the space.” Eventually the fear transmuted and, through some pretty tough tears, I breathed light into my right breast (I have lumps in this breast that doctors once thought were cancerous. I am convinced it is the fear I had been holding on to).

My bodily aches and pains all manifest on my right side, my male side. I have chronic shoulder, hip and knee pain. This all makes sense to me now, as I realize I have been cutting off divine male energy to my own body. As Steven continued down my body, we discovered another stark contrast in my inner thighs. My right inner thigh housed remarkable shame, guilt and fear. My left inner thigh felt clear and grateful. I feel this truly symbolizes my inability to connect with God, up until now. With connected breath and high intentions, Steven cleared the old stagnant energy out of my body and replaced it with pure channeled love. He helped create a very safe place where I was able to be fully present.

As the old energy cleared and I allowed the divine masculine to enter my energy field, my body began to awaken. I felt channels of excitement I had never tapped into before. My sexuality, it seemed, was not centered in my yoni or even in my breasts, but maybe in my entire body! From my hair to my toenails, I felt alive and connected to both aspects of divinity. As Steven lovingly honored my body, I heard the same thought in my head, over and over: “So this is what it feels like to be open? Hallelujah!” I felt ecstatic, alive, enlightened. This feeling surpassed any “normal” sexual experience I had ever had.

The Sacred Stag Returns

Before my red session with Steven Jay, I had done a few white events. I had noticed that, with a few of the men I had practiced with, I saw a large stag in their energy field. I had thought this was their animal spirit guide. But then I realized it was mine. The deer stag was symbolic of the divine masculine, and he had finally come for me. I was ready and it was time to speak the truth—my truth. This was the stag White Hawk had drawn 10 years ago, his stately antlers wrapping around my throat.

The sacred stag approaches me. His antlers reach to the heavens, divine antennae to spirit. He breathes light into my crown, opening my channel. He presses his forehead to mine, awakening my sight. He licks my throat, clearing out old messages and disintegrating chains that would bind me and keep me from speaking my truth. He presses his breast to mine and warms my heart with light. His presence seeps into my center and empowers me. His pure masculinity pierces my sacral chakra and his unconditional love anchors me to this earth. I finally feel safe. He lifts me onto his back and carries me down a new path—where two roads converge, masculine and feminine, and I stand strong and true as a whole woman.

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils, that are extracted from plants, in order to treat a range of physical and even some mental conditions. Essential oils may be used by topical application or by inhaling their aroma. The breathable essential oil aromas can be dispersed by candles infused with essential oils, by applying the oils to a handkerchief and putting it in your pocket, applying to your pillowcase, or other items, by spraying a mix of essential oils and water into the air, or by using a “diffuser” to distribute the aroma into the air. A diffuser is a device, usually available from aromatherapy suppliers or health food stores, which uses heat to disperse fragrant molecules of the essential oils into the air.

Now more than ever people are showing a large interest in aromatherapy, essential oils, and items like candles, perfumes, insense, and difusers. These days, with the internet and all, it is very easy for someone who knows little or nothing about aromatherapy, to buy the necessary aromatherapy supplies and begin learning about the benefits of aromatherapy and essential oils.

Massage her breast for beauty & relaxation

There are many different kinds of essential oils, and many of these oils have multiple uses.

Some oils may be used topically, to help relieve swelling or infections. Other oils can be used in “scent” therapy, or ingested when diluted properly.

A Guide To Anti Aging Skin Care

Aromatherapy can affect moods and emotions. With just with a little “sniff” of a particular essential oil, or blend, a user may get an immediate result. Some studies show that feelings and emotions are hard-wired to a persons overall health. It is said that improvements in areas such as a persons mood can affect the actual health of that persons body. Some studies have shown that someone’s emotional state can affect the ability of their immune system when it comes to fighting infection.

Essential oils can be used alone, or in other products like perfume, lotion, skin and household cleansers, and other cosmetics or beauty supplies. Many household items like cleaners, and even toothpaste, contain essential oils as part of their ingredient lists. I try to find more items that have essential oils, and less or none of the artificial flavors/scents we are used to.There are many people who use essential oils, along with other ingredients, to create their own custom-made personal care products. The ideas really become limitless when working with essential oils and a little creativity.

Up until recent years, aromatherapy was looked down on by some of the more “traditional” medical community. However, with the increasing scientific evidence, the medical community has begun to to show acceptance for aromatherapy and the affect that many essential oils have on overall human health.

Some essential oils are known to improve the immune system, increase alertness, ease depression, and even help aid in dotoxing the human body.


True essential oils are natural and may be inhaled, and in many cases applied to the skin, with no harm. However; always take care and be sure you know about the essential oils you are using. Some essential oils become toxic when taken too often, or in the wrong way. Do not place pure essential oils directly into your nose! Smelling them is fine, but the concentration of these oils is so high, that some essential oils can harm you if applied topically without diluting them. The use of a diffuser, aromatherapy candle, or other item with the essential oil on it are the most common ways of experiencing the benefits of aromatherapy through scent.

Pure essential oils usually come in small bottles and are used very sparingly. Just a drop or two at a time, is all you need in most recipes. Don’t forget, essential oils are highly concentrated. 2-3 drops of some essential oils added to 4 ounces of carrier oil is enough to get the job done in some cases.

Don’t use essential oils for too long of a period, without a break. Contact with essential oils can result in allergic reactions, especially when taken for long durations.

Never ingest essential oils unless you know what you are doing, or are under the close care of someone who does. Some essential oils are not meant to be ingested, and others may become toxic if too much is taken. Consult an experienced aromatherapist when ever you are in doubt. Essential oils, with very rare exception, should not be used by small children or pregnant women.

While essential oils have many benifits when used correctly, they are not a replacement for your regular physician. If you have an emergency situation, go to the emergency room. No amount of aromatherapy can re-set a broken bone, or stop a serious wound from bleeding. If you have a medical emergency, or a condition that does not improve – go to the E.R. or your doctor!

Aromatherapy Back Massage

Back pain is common for people who have a back!

Jokes alone, let’s come back to the point. Back pain can happen to anyone for simple reason/ or no reason at all. That’s when some cool massage comes into play. Watch the video below

  1. Lingam Massage. Lingam massage is the ritual of honoring and healing this part of the body. Touching the penis not from a place of arousal and orgasm but from a joy and wonder of this beautiful part of the body.
  2. Yoni Massage. When a woman’s sexual and creative life force wounds are healed, her healing and empowerment spreads out to touch all those around her.
  3. Breast Massage. The breast massage will come to a natural conclusion and you can begin to explore the rest of her body, paying special attention to her belly from just below her rib cage to just above her pubic bone.
  4. Prostate Massage. For those of you who may not know what an internal prostate massage is, you may be more familiar with the terms ‘milking the prostate’ or ‘prostate milking massage’

The History of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is said to have been discovered near the end of the nineteenth century by a Professor Rene Gattefosse. One day when the good Professor Gettefosse stuck his hand in a bowl of Lavender Oil after getting a nasty burn on it, he discovered the Lavender Oil had a healing effect. Not only did the burn on his hand heal faster, but it healed with no blisters or scarring!

The aroma of love

The Professor was onto something it seemed, and this was the beginning of aromatherapy as we now know it. Professor Gettefosse began many years of research into essential oils and their natural healing properties. He continued to learn more when he treated wounded soldiers during the 1914 – 1918 war. In the 1920′s the Professor gave his treatment the name “Aromatherapie”. He lived until 1950 when he died while visiting his brother in Casablanca, Moroco.

His work was continued by Dr. Jean Valnet, a French physician, who used many essential oils to treat such ailments as cancers, tuberculosis, diabetes and other many other serious illnesses.

A Closer Look At Micro-dermabrasion

Marguerite Maury, a French biochemist and beautician further developed massage techniques and several skin-care treatments using essential oils. She continued to work in aromatherapy healing until she died in 1968 at the age of 73.

Interest in aromatherapy has continued to grow and today it has a massive following.