Aromatherapy Back Massage

Back pain is common for people who have a back!

Jokes alone, let’s come back to the point. Back pain can happen to anyone for simple reason/ or no reason at all. That’s when some cool massage comes into play. Watch the video below

  1. Lingam Massage. Lingam massage is the ritual of honoring and healing this part of the body. Touching the penis not from a place of arousal and orgasm but from a joy and wonder of this beautiful part of the body.
  2. Yoni Massage. When a woman’s sexual and creative life force wounds are healed, her healing and empowerment spreads out to touch all those around her.
  3. Breast Massage. The breast massage will come to a natural conclusion and you can begin to explore the rest of her body, paying special attention to her belly from just below her rib cage to just above her pubic bone.
  4. Prostate Massage. For those of you who may not know what an internal prostate massage is, you may be more familiar with the terms ‘milking the prostate’ or ‘prostate milking massage’